Dojo Etiquette & Procedures

  • On entering or leaving the dojo, face the position where the instructor normally would start the class, bow and say “Osu” loudly.
  • The chief instructor must be addressed as “Shihan” or  “Sensei” at all times and other instructors as “Senpai”.
  • No smoking, eating or drinking is allowed in the dojo by any person at any time.
  • While training, when told to sit down, students must kneel in the “Seiza” position. If told to relax they must bow, say “Osu” loudly and adopt a cross-legged position with erect back. If a student arrives late for a class he/she must, on entering the dojo bow and immediately kneel in “Seiza” position until allowed to join in.
  • While any session is in progress there must be no talking or distraction either by those involved or by people warming up or spectating.
  • Any student bringing friends who wish to spectate must first obtain permission from the instructor.
  • Gi’s should be kept clean and in a state of repair at all times. An association badge must be worn and the belt tied correctly. Personal hygiene should be of the highest standard! Nails should be kept short and hair should be clean and, if long, tied back.
  • Acknowledgements at the beginning and at the end of each session are the responsibility of the highest training grade, after every student is lined up and in a “Seiza” position:-
    • i) All face the same direction. Shout “Mokuso” (eyes closed).
    • ii) Shout “Mokuso Yame” (eyes open).
    • iii) Say “Shinzen Ni; Rei”. All bow silently.
    • iv) Wait for the instructor to turn round. At the beginning of a session say Sosai Ni: Rei
    • Shihan Ni Rei
    • “Sensai/ Senpai Ni; Rei”. All bow and say “Osu”. At the end say “Sensei/Sempai Ni, Domo Arigato Gozeimashta; Rei” All bow and say “Osu”.
    • v) Say “Otagani; Rei”. All bow and say “Osu”.
    • vi) Wait for the instructor to rise and bow, then students rise in grade order.



NOTE: The responsibility in teaching junior and beginner students the etiquette and procedures of a kyokushinkai Karate class falls on the senior students both by direct assistance and by example.