Black Belt – 1st Dan

(Under 16 – Junior Black Belt with Red Stripe)


  • full understanding of Stances must be shown.
  • All open hand strikes must be shown as basic and free style techniques.
  • The ability to demonstrate the basic Blocks in free style and as Striking techniques.



  • Tobi Nidan Geri – Jumping Double Kick
  • Tobi Mawashi Geri – Jumping Roundhouse Kick
  • Tobi Ushiro Geri – Jumping Back Kick
  • Ushiro Mawashi Geri – Spinning Backward Roundhouse Kick


  • Tensho
  • Saifa
  • Genksai Sho
  • All persons attempting 1st Dan will be expected to demonstrate and ability in basic Tameshiwari, and have an understanding of the principles involved.
  • Tameshiwari – 2 Boards with Seiken or Shuto

Other Requirements

  • Candidates must also hold a Certificate of Basic First Aid
  • (Over 16) Candidates must hold an Association Referee Certificate Or a Level On Coaching Certificate