Club Rules

  1. Training is carried out on a limited contact basis.
  2. For any individual under the age of 18 years old, parental permission is required for training.
  3. The minimum age to start training is five years old. However, as individual abilities vary, the inclusion of any individual in the class is the decision of the Chief Instructor.
  4. For children under 8 years old an adult is required to remain in the training hall.
  5. If any individual behaves in a way that consistently disrupts the discipline and training of the class, or which consistently results in the injury of others, their membership will be terminated without reimbursement of membership and/or licence fees.
  6. If a student’s training ceases or is not regularly maintained within a 3-month period, membership of the club will be terminated, without reimbursement of membership and/or licence fees. If the student returns to training a new membership registration document must be completed, and new membership and licence purchased.
  7. All students will be required to following the rules and discipline of the dojo (the training hall). They will be required to bow to show respect to their fellow students and to their instructors.
  8. All students must wear fighting gloves and other safety equipment when instructed to do so. If an individual does not wish to use the club equipment they may purchase their own.
  9. Parents, or guardians, may watch classes but may not talk to the students while they are training.
  10. All spectators are required to remain quiet as talking is very distracting for the class.
  11. All students are required to remain quiet while training, as talking will disrupt the class.
  12. No photographic, camera phones, video, camcorder or visual recording equipment of any type may be used during classes.
  13. Children will not be escorted to the toilet. It is assumed that children aged 8 or over are capable of going to the toilet unescorted. Parents should ensure that their child goes to the toilet immediately before training. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that the child knows the way to the toilets, and back to the training room, in the building where they are training. If a parent does not want their child to go to the toilets unescorted, then they must remain available to do so during training.
  14. It is the individual’s, or parents, responsibility to provide a drink to be consumed after training. There are no drinks break during training, will only in exceptionally hot weather will drinks breaks be allowed.
  15. It is the parent’s responsibility to collect their child from training and to do so on time. Children should wait inside the training hall to be collected. If an individual other than the known parent or carer of a child is to collect a child from training, the Instructor must be informed beforehand. If an individual arrives to collect the child whom the Instructor does not know and has not been informed about, the Instructor may contact the next of kin to ensure this is Ok.
  16. It is the individual’s, or parents, responsibility to provide the club with up to date contact details.