Governing Body

We are proud to announce that we are among the founder members of a new and exciting Governing Body for Karate in Wales.

Karate Wales has been created by six of Wales’ foremost Karate instructors:

  • Stephen Wellington 6th Dan WKA
  • Gabriel Operanta 7th Dan WSKA
  • Lee Costa 7th Dan WKJK
  • Paul Watson 6th Dan WKU
  • Rob Copeland 6th Dan VGKO
  • Dr. Dave Jones 5th Dan CKJK

Together; the six instructors above form the strongest, most knowledgeable, most respected and ambitious group of instructors in Wales and share common vision of a better future for Karate in the Principality.

Karate Wales aims to support Karate clubs, Associations and their students, assisting in their development and growth with ongoing support and delivering high quality opportunities in both the sporting and traditional arena’s.