Penarth Times Celebrates returning Champions !



The Penath Times and South Wales Echo have both published articles praising the success of Welsh Kyokushinkai Karate in recent national and international competitions.

Following on from the success of senior instructors Mike Humphries and Lee Costa in the World Karate Championships (silver and gold), the Cogan club also achieved 13 top medals in the Kyokushin Karate Open.

We would encourage competitors of all ages to take this opportunity to  train with proven, internationally successful instructors and really aim for success at the top of the sport.


Cogan karate club achieves a total of 13 top medals !

Students from Cogan Welsh kyokushinkai karate club, achieved a total of 13 top medals in the Kyokushinlai Welsh Open Championship.

The medals awarded were 4 Gold , 3 Silver and 6 bronze. Keana Hutchinson was awarded with the most spirited female fighter and Detroit Hagon, the most spirited male fighter.

We’ll done to all !