“Karate is great training both physically and mentally, it can help to improve self confidence and esteem, promote fitness, make you more able to defend yourself from attack and give you a more positive outlook on life.”

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Karate trains the body and mind for unarmed combat against one or more opponents for self defence.
Competition karate has rules governing striking areas allowed, however karate training itself doesn’t have this restriction unless you a sparring.

As a club we both train for real self defence and competition. The different karate styles, such as Shotokan, Wado Ryo, and our Kyokushinkai are largely differences in training methods, such as kata (set forms) than the way we actually fight. Karate generally has a basic formal set of techniques which you then use as a foundation for actual sparring which is free style.

kykushinkai means “the ultimate truth” and is about training for real combat (i.e. self-defence) situations using realistic no-holds barred techniques.

Karate in general also emphasizes the moral responsibility that comes with learning a martial art, having strict codes of conduct in the dojo (training area) that encourage mutual respect for others, this makes it particularly benificial for children.

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